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The meaning of Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) refers to the integration of communication tools that allow individuals to exchange ideas and work more efficiently.

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Some of these tools, such as IP telephony, presence notification and instant messaging, facilitate synchronous communication, which takes place in real time (same time, different place). Others, such as e-mail or Twitter, facilitate asynchronous communication, which takes place at the moment chosen by the user (different time and place).

The goal of Unified Communications is to integrate software that supports synchronous and asynchronous communication so that the user can easily access all of the tools, regardless of the computer equipment he or she uses.

This type of communication helps employees in many situations:

Traditional desktop environments, where users work on computers and with desktop phones or software phones and own individual webcams.

Corporate conference rooms equipped with loudspeaker phones, a shared display system and a shared video system (these can be classical teleconferencing equipment or high-end telepresence systems) .

Employees working remotely using mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and using the audio and video features of these devices.

Ideally, the unified communications environment integrates with both the central systems that provide the services and the front-end clients that provide access.

For example, the web conferencing system would use the audio conferencing system, which in turn would rely on the primary IP telephony platform, and a UM client would offer a phone, chat, or calling feature Video by clicking (“click to call”;).

Unified communications and collaboration tools overlap to a large extent.

Collaboration tools that automate support services or project management systems often incorporate unified communications functions, such as team chat, or are incorporated into external CPU systems to provide these services functions.

Unified communications is also superimposed on call center technologies. This is the case, for example, with automatic call distribution systems and interactive voice response systems

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Video conferences use distance education to meet the same classroom

Nowadays, knowledge is updated at an extremely fast pace, and if it is not regularly charged, it is easy to eliminate it for the times. Therefore, the modern people will be in the spare time to accept a variety of education and training. Some people go to work after work to attend the training courses, some people are listening to lectures on weekends, some people are trained through the Internet. Moreover, with the accelerated pace of life, more and more people to participate in online training, because of its great convenience.

Generally speaking, people through the online learning a variety of training courses, the use of this training way to learn knowledge, students do not have to rush between the classroom and dormitory, both save the road hard ride, waiting time, do not let them Waste money and energy, but also in a better environment to learn. Moreover, the training effect is not different from that in the classroom, because the distance education and training can communicate the voice and picture of the teacher’s lectures in real time. If the students stay at home and stay in the classroom, they can listen to the teacher’s lectures, Record notes at any time.

If you just listen to the teacher lectures, then it seems that there is no difference with the ordinary video. Another major advantage of distance education and training is that teachers and students can interact through the network in real time, that is, if the students encounter incomprehensible content in the teacher lectures, you can immediately ask questions to the teacher, and the teacher can Students in the classroom to discuss the problem, the exchange of their views and experiences, which allows students to further consolidate the classroom content, but also to develop their own thinking.

This new type of training allows teachers and students to class in a virtual classroom, because Yunwu technology and other enterprises developed a professional video conferencing software. Can be widely used in distance education and training, teacher voice can be clearly and steadily communicated to the students, and lectures also allow students to see the screen, if there is a network failure, then the software will switch to the phone mode, in addition to can not see the teacher’s The lecture process will not be affected in any way. Moreover, the lectures of the video data can be maintained, students can watch again at any time, both check the leak, but also as a way to review, so that students can more profound understanding of lecture content.

The ezTalks videoconferencing system is used in distance education to contribute to the uneven distribution of educational resources.

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ezTalks: Training and Development for Employees

Employee training is critical for how you will have to get people to learn more about how to complete a variety of tasks in the workplace. These include tasks that might entail very specific programs or materials.

The importance of employee training is essential in that the procedures that might come about within a business setting can be extensive. These include many procedures that entail complicated steps or technical knowledge that people can attain through standard training projects. best skype alternatives https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/skype-alternative.html

This is critical for keeping your business active. You have to ensure that you can get your employees to understand the key processes involved with working and that they will get the most out of their plans in general.

Improve Morale

The next part of the importance of training and development entails how training helps employees to feel better about their jobs. Many employees in all sorts of workplaces are often unhappy when they aren’t aware of how to make things work. Those who don’t know what they are doing will make lots of mistakes and feel upset with their work in general. Therefore, you should get your employees trained properly so it will be easier for them to learn about what can be done in the workplace. video conference apps https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/5-video-conference-apps-for-teams.html

Improve Efficiency

In addition, trained employees will be more efficient. Employees who are trained to do a variety of things will have an easier time with doing things and being productive. This is an important aspect of work as it ensures that people will not have questions over whatever is going on. They will be more focused on what they can do to keep their business efforts active, thus making it easier for more functions to work out right.

Keep Your Costs Down

It is true that you might have to spend money on training your employees. But the importance of training and development comes from how people will be more productive and less likely to make mistakes. This, in turn, keeps you from having to spend far too much money on different functions to correct problems that might have been caused by employees who did not know how to handle certain functions in the workplace. free calling apps for tablets https://www.eztalks.com/voip/10-best-voip-apps-for-android-smartphones-and-tablets.html

The expenses that untrained employees can cause often entail costs relating to trying to fix errors or managing a business with extra manpower because a few people weren’t able to do things right on your own. Training helps you to reduce the threat of people struggling to do their job and forcing you to spend more money than what you can afford.

Get People Together

Training also helps to make it easier for people to get together and to learn more about each other. This includes working to help them with understanding how they can work together. This, in turn, makes it easier for different types of tasks to work right.

As you look at what ezTalks offers, you might notice that proper video conferencing plans can work well to ensure that it will be easier for people to be trained and to get the support they need for learning new concepts in the workplace. ezTalks offers one-stop video conferencing solutions to help you get online and get more people to learn together. This, in turn, gives you more control over the performances of your employees.

As you work with proper training programs and tools, it becomes easier for you to get your employees to understand what they have to do in order to succeed. You can get them to learn more about how to complete certain tasks in the workplace and to get the most out of their jobs. You might be impressed at how well people can learn when you put in enough effort to help them get the most out of their work efforts.

Keep Your Employees

Finally, training helps you to keep your employees in the same workplace. You will have an easier time retaining those employees because they know what they can do and will not feel all that worried about what might come about. This, in turn, improves upon how well people can get the most out of their general tasks in the workplace and could make a true difference in terms of what someone can do. messaging apps for pc https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/instant-messaging-apps-for-pc.html

A Final Word

You might be impressed at how well your employees will work for your business when they are properly training. Your employees can be more productive and helpful for all the needs that your business has provided that they are educated properly. You must look at how well you can get the most out of your efforts.

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ezTalks: Tools You Need for Real Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration can be done with the help of various types of real-time collaboration tools that accommodate such interaction on the basis of their different sets of features. Some of the real-time collaboration tools use file sharing feature so that various people collaborating in a project can see the files in real-time whereas others may use instant messaging for communicating with other users. Some of these real-time collaboration tools are briefly described here under to help you understand them more closely. best video conferencing software https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/5-best-free-web-video-conferencing-tools.html

1. Slack

This web collaboration tool helps the multiple users situated at different locations to communicate with each other in their team. It allows them to remain in touch with each other and improve their communication with their team even while working on the same project at their own location. This clear communication feature makes it one of the best real-time collaboration tools. It enables to make the development of a project smoother as it allows to manage the remote team perfectly by reducing communication time and number of physical meetings. One can easily manage his team from one place with this tool.

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This web collaboration tool provides easy, feature rich and professional cloud based conferencing services. It is designed as a business dedicated competitive solution which can offer complete range of hardware and software features like allowing the users to interact through HD quality audios and videos. ezTalks Cloud Meeting also offers certain innovative features like whiteboard which can be used for certain innovative functions like capturing the screen, highlighting texts, drawing and erasing graphs etc. The users can use it to share the screens and their content in real-time among the participants in an online meeting. It also allows the users to chat with the people using other communication platforms by sending messages instantly, privately or publicly. This chat app also helps in certain functions of advanced level like recording online meetings and its playback. The users can manage the order of the meetings by using its features like lock meeting, permit speak, mute all, kick out make a participant presenter etc. It can use it from any place at any time with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. webinars hosting https://www.eztalks.com/webinars/how-to-host-a-webinar.html

3. Mural

This web collaborative tool allows you to use it for collecting and scrutinizing the ideas and resources available in different formats. It can possibly be used in drag-and-drop documents, links and media files with rich content on a big drawing board of HTML5. It also helps in brainstorming ideas remotely. This gesture friendly application has been optimised to be used by iPad users. Anyone whom you have invited can join and edit a project in real-time and reflect the changes on the board by collaborating through this tool. you can start using it just by sending an invitation email or setting up a password for the board. This real-time collaboration tool is the best for the beginners as it is a lighter brainstorming tool than its traditional competitors. online meeting tools https://www.eztalks.com/video-meeting/free-online-meeting-tools.html

4. GoVisually

This real-time collaboration tool allows the users to comment, discuss and explain the same project with the participants. It is a free tool that allows its uses to mark explanations and place comments on the whole project or any of its parts. It can be used by the designers and clients to revise a project online just by video collaboration instead of sending emails. In this way it can increase the productivity of a project by using a rectangular, elliptical or lasso for explanations. Its color and weight can be customized as per requirement. The functions of this collaboration tool can be applied easily and usefully. Like Photoshop, the users can use this tool in layers for each member when it is used on the same page by many participants. This feature can be used usefully while collaborating with various departments. It allows you to switch between the documents of different parts of the same project for revision. screen sharing online https://www.eztalks.com/file-sharing/best-screen-sharing-software-for-easy-collaboration.html

5. Trello

It is another real-time collaboration tool that can be used by remote teams to share their to-do lists with other participants in real-time. the single interface of this project management tool can be used for customizing the to-do lists based on a system of post-it cards or notes. The users can use it to order or categorize drawings, mock-ups, text and photos etc. It also enables the users to set reminder for the appointments and monitor the progress of the projects in their pipeline. Free availability of this collaboration tool is its another main advantage.

Thus, you can find a number of real-time collaboration tools from which you can choose as per your suitability.

From: https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/5-best-tools-for-real-time-collaboration.html

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An ezTalks: Effective and Affordable Ways to Hold Online Seminar

An online seminar is simply a seminar which is conducted over the Internet. It allows the presentation to be live, and individuals taking part in it can easily ask questions through Q&A panel on screen. Online business seminars are mostly recommended for those who cannot manage to take part in training in person or due to either time or geographical restrictions. Online seminars are marketing strategies which every online business should put into considerations in order to increase online business profitability.how to share screen

Who Can Attend Online Seminars?

Anyone with a laptop, tablet, PC, Mac, or smartphone which is equipped with soundcard, and either speakers or headphones, Broadband Internet connections and is authorized to take part in online seminars. PowerPonit slides can easily be broadcasted which runs in sync alongside the whole presentation.

You can easily utilize the screen capture functionality which allows you to demonstrate your participants a website or an application. Online business seminars are a form of one-to-many communication. A particular presenter can reach a specific and massive group of online viewers from various locations.best skype alternative

What Are the Benefits of Online Seminars?

Online seminars engage and reach a particular targeted group. It enables them to ask questions, or formulate your own questions to your participants. During an online seminar, you can easily attain an insight into your targeted group. You can easily know all your participants compared to physical events and meetings where participants hardly listen passively.

They offer you the option to continue to access and reach your objective when the broadcast is completed. This is due to the fact that they can be watched afterwards. This allows you to increase both the impact and reach of your message. Also, it is very important to take part in an Internet seminar which is well-designed along search-engine optimized (SEO) Internet business.

You can easily reach your audience and rejuvenate your message. Online seminars allow you to use charts, polls, present your participants PowerPoint slides or videos, or utilize calls to action. The higher the rate of interactions, the greater the positive impacts of your message will automatically be to your audience.unified communication

During long journeys that involve much expense and traveling time are minimized because you do not need to travel. An online seminar makes it affordable and easier for your targeted group to be engaged by your preferred message. The costs of sending a message are much lower than managing a physical meeting or event and the cost of renting a venue is also minimized, thus allowing you to save your money and time.

Online business seminars are sharp, short, and clear to the point. They usually deal with specific objectives in detail, instead of cover off on a given number of them. This is mostly exceptional because they are not time-consuming because they do not last longer than one hour.

How to Hold an Online Seminar with ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Could Meeting is one of the best online seminar solutions which assists an organization to communicate effectively. It offers simple, feature-rich, and professional online seminar services for business. It provides a wide range of hardware and software video conferencing remedies. It consists of HD audio, HD video streaming, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, presentations of PPT, Word and other document files for further clarification.

online seminar

Steps on How to Use ezTalk Cloud Meeting

Step One: Download and install the software on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, Windows computer or Mac. You can easily sign-up ezTalks by either directly sign in with your Google or Facebook account or by using your email address.

online seminars

Step Two: In the main window, click "Start a Meeting" to enter an online seminar room. Invite your audiences to enter the room by sending email invitations or sharing the room ID.microsoft video conferencing

online business seminar

When they're in, click on the menu and locate the "Share Screen" button. Easily click on the "Share Desktop" and all your participants will be able to see information on your desktop screen in present time.free alternative to teamviewer

Step Three: If you would like to share an engaging whiteboard, you can simply click the "Share Whiteboard" button.

internet seminar


Online seminars are definitely the best tools that assist in developing demonstrations and illustrations during live audio or video conferencing presentations. They can be simply be utilized for any audio or video conferencing presentation provided it achieves the objectives of a targeted audience.

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ezTalks: Tools for Online Webinar Collaboration

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is among the best mobile video conferencing apps designed to bring simplicity to online meeting. It includes a free version that supports high definition online meeting and screen sharing. Its premium version supports a meeting session of up to 40 minutes of 100 members at a time.

It comes with a number of unique features, such as hosting an online meeting, screen sharing, online meeting schedulingfunctionalities and remote control features. The mobile conferencing app also packed with other features, such as online meeting recording functionality, private chat, group chat, and interactive whiteboard among others. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is very secure as it is designed to encrypt participants information while traveling through the network as well as protect against fraud.


Its positioning can not be clearer: to make 10 times cheaper than GoToWebinar or Webex. Okay, ok, it's more like a web conferencing solution at first, but the list of features is still very long, and it may be suitable for some.
The "slightly different" solutions: Webikeo, JetWebinar

Beyond the purely "software to make webinars", some actors have positioned themselves a little differently ... and can therefore meet some of your needs oovoo alternative https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/oovoo-alternatives.html


Webikeo is a bit of a marketplace for webinars. On the enterprise side, the promise is not "only" technical: the advantage here is to have access to a large number of potential participants (then raises the question of the qualification of these people!). Indeed, filling your room is probably the most complex thing: finding a topic and running a webinar technically is not inaccessible even if you have to spend time mastering it.
So you buy a number of webinars, and these are pushed to the community, ensuring you still have a few people at the time you speak. Partially repurchased by Companeo, we understand the functioning of leads, which has always been the model of its new parent company.
Once you launch your invitations, everything happens directly in the Webikeo platform. join.me alternative https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/join-me-alternatives.html


JetWebinar is approaching the Webinar in a way that we can only like, since the company offers a "Webinar Automation" tool. Inevitably from there to Marketing Automation, there is only one step :)
The idea is to say that you play a webinar once, then it has to serve a larger number of people, to be played "on demand". Then, support for follow-up by e-mail, raises, proposal of other contents, etc. This brings us back to a pricing approach that is closer to our inescapables: $ 97 per month for 100 participants at the same time, $ 367 for $ 500 and $ 477 per month for rooms of 1000 people (but honestly, try to put 100 people in front of You;)). voipmobile https://www.eztalks.com/voip/7-things-to-consider-before-going-voip-mobile.html

This is our turn to "software webinars" needs. There are now some tips and some tips to see:
If you have set up, or plan to do so, check the integration of your webinar software with Marketing Automation software. The main ones work well together and you will want to track and scorer contacts that consume webinar.
The software does not do everything ... It will also have to do some tests and investments on the hardware side. Here is the small checklist that seems interesting to us so that everything happens in the best conditions:
A good microphone! Managing the image is not very complicated, the software does it for you and you only have to have a good internet connection. If you are filming, the webcam built into your laptop will be very suitable, especially if your computer is under 2 years old. On the other hand, sound level, it is imperative either a headset (USB connection, anyone who cost more than 40 euros can do well as long as they have a microphone in front of your mouth), or a microphone , With good noise reduction and directional enough not to take the whole atmosphere around you. The micro-foot is essential as soon as you want to intervene to several online education vs traditional education https://www.eztalks.com/online-education/online-education-vs-traditional-education-which-one-is-better.html

Another alternative is to use a "octopus" of good quality to make the sound via a telephone connection.
A dedicated room (and a little soundproofed). The sound quality (and therefore the listening comfort of the people who will attend your webinar) is paramount, and whatever capture system you use, the sound ambiance of the room in which you will be playing a lot. Avoid rooms on the street, open spaces, noisy environments, cut phone rings, put a sign on the door, warn those who play the table next to you and stay at least 15 meters from the toilet

A double screen. There it is for your own comfort. Always have a second screen on which to put your notes, and a window entirely dedicated to the webinar.
A big timer ... Timing is key! Keep the remaining time under constant eye. Timer of kitchen, ipad with one of the many timer apps, clock ... choose your weapon but be aware of the time that passes and respect that of your participants! free teamviewer alternative https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/teamviewer-alternative-free.html

And here is for our little magazine of software to make its webinars! Do not hesitate to share your feedback of experiences you too in comments !!
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