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ezTalks: Great Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions to Consider

New technologies that can help companies save money and time for conducting meetings have emerged. One of those is cloud based video conferencing. Cloud based video conferencing((https://www.eztalks.com) ) solutions introduce the possibility of engaging in face to face video conferencing. Forming connections and communicating with clients, colleagues, and partners is a must in any organization. Businesses and institutions can benefit from using cloud video conferencing.

There are many cloud based video conferencing software available. Find the right one for you and your collaboration needs. Let this article be your guide and discover the 5 great cloud video conferencing solutions available.

1. ezTalks cloud video conferencing

ezTalks is a competent video conferencing solutions provider that promotes better communication and collaboration in a business organization. This is made possible through the use of advanced technology for providing high quality audio and video. It is cost-effective, convenient, and easy to use.

For small and large businesses, ezTalks is a good choice. The cloud-based video conferencing solutions by ezTalks comes in three versions, the Starter, Pro and Enterprise versions. Each version has different features such as the limit on the number of participants allowed.

eztalks cloud video conferencing

Key features that are included are:

‚óŹHigh definition video quality
‚óŹClear voice quality
‚óŹConference recording
‚óŹContent sharing
‚óŹSecured data

2. Zoom cloud video conferencing

Zoom cloud video conferencing solutions enable hosting of online meetings, sending group messages, and hosting conferences that is easy to use. Users can experience great audio and video quality along with its wireless screen-sharing option while communicating with a person or group of persons. It is compatible with different operating systems and platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Zoom provides for a hassle-free video and web conferencing that are good for making collaborations happen.

Key features that are included are:

‚óŹHigh definition video
‚óŹHigh definition voice with dynamic voice detection
‚óŹFull screen view
‚óŹSimultaneous screen sharing

3. Lifesize cloud video conferencing

Lifesize connects people to promote an interactive and productive workplace. Lifesize is more than a decade-long company that still strives to provide better video conferencing solutions. Experience one-on-one audio and video calls and online meetings to maximize the communication line within a company. Its cloud based video conferencing solutions foster good simultaneous communication among different people who are in different places through the use of different compatible devices.

Key features included are:

‚óŹPlug and play system
‚óŹHigh definition cameras
‚óŹInteroperation capability
‚óŹDirectory-based calling

4. Cisco cloud video conferencing

The cloud based video conferencing from Cisco offers flexibility and the ability to customize options for different user needs. Virtual meeting rooms can be used according to user preference. Cisco improves businesses’ communications through online collaborations. Visual communications are possible anytime and anywhere for everyone who is part of an organization’s team. It doesn’t matter if you are new to cloud video conferencing or not since Cisco delivers with its simple collaboration technology.

Key features included are:

‚óŹHigh quality multiparty conferencing
‚óŹFlexible deployment options
‚óŹSimplified conferencing
‚óŹThird-party endpoints compatibility

5. Polycom cloud video conferencing

Polycom cloud video conferencing solutions is just one of its available products that can be used in a workplace environment. Polycom supports the video conferencing needs of each company through its flexible and scalable video conferencing solutions. Host collaborations with confidence through its trustworthy video conferencing solutions.

Key features included are:

‚óŹAlways-on virtual rooms
‚óŹInteroperable solutions
‚óŹFlexible subscriptions
‚óŹEnterprise-grade security

Cloud based video conferencing solutions are good investments for long-term cost-effective, speedy, and interactive meetings and collaborations. From the different providers, choose the best one for your business. Each provider has its own innovative and useful features. In deciding about which one works best, determine the present communication needs of your company and match it with what providers can offer.

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